7th EuBIS Seminar and Training 17th - 19th of April 2016

Regional Arabic Conference

إدارة الجودة و معاييرالتفتيش لمؤسسات الدم

Seminar and training scope:

Comprehensive overview of commonly used standards and criteria summarised in the EUBIS manual and training guide

Learn to define critical sub-processes for quality management

Advanced knowledge on how to use the cross-reference to commonly used standards and regulatory requirements such as the

  • EU blood directive
  • GMP standards
  • CoE (EDQM) guide
  • PIC/S guidelines.

Learn common practice and get practical advice for the inspections of blood establishments

covering the

  • collection,
  • processing,
  • testing
  • storage and distribution

of blood and blood components.


Practical exercises to train your knowledge in

  • Planning of inspections and defining critical control points
  • Risk based assessment and management of errors
  • Observation and communication skills
  • Classification of observations and errors


Finally the training course will be an excellent opportunity to meet experts in the field coming from blood establishments and competent authorities.

Language skills:     English

Workshop fee: 1000 US$


For registration please refer to:   www.sastm-conferences.org

Saudi Society of Transfusion Medicine

Dr. Salwa Hindawi, president SASTM

Heyam, the secretary of the SASTM

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